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How was the zipper invented? Do you know it used to be a symbol of sexual freedom?

How was the zipper invented? Do you know it used to be a symbol of sexual freedom?


Zipper, also known as Zip fastener, has become an indispensable item in our daily life. The invention of zipper is known as one of the ten modern inventions. Today we're going to talk about the invention of zippers and the fact that zippers have long been considered a symbol of rebellion and sexual freedom.

The invention of zipper
The invention of zipper can be traced back to the 19th century. In 1851, American Alex invented the prototype of zipper "automatic continuous garment lock". However, this kind of lock has not been popularized because of its rust, loosening, inconvenience to use, high manufacturing accuracy and high cost.

By 1893, mid-long boots with laces were popular. There is an American retired football player, Judson, who takes great pains to wear long boots every day. So for the first time, he applied the concept of zipper to shoes. He designed a device called "shoe lock", which can unlock or connect metal hooks and rings with a lead. This may be the world's first modern zipper, which attracted the attention of many clothing suppliers at that time, but this kind of lock performance is unstable, it is easy to break when opened, so it has not been widely popularized.

The zipper design we are using now was introduced by General Fastener's chief designer, Senbeck, in 1913. Senbeck improves it according to Judson's design by adding sliders to make it possible to fasten sprockets by sliding, increase the density of sprockets, and add concave and convex positions in two opposite rows of sprockets and on each sprocket. "Separable fasteners" have been introduced

Zipper, the English name for the zipper, came from a company called Goodrich, which used the zipper on the shoes they produced. Guderick liked the sound of zippers, so he named it Zipper by onomatopoeia and used it to this day.

A symbol of rebellion and sexual freedom after World War II
After World War II, zippers became a symbol of rebellion. At that time, Hollywood movies liked to use motorcycles and zippers to portray the rebellious image of the characters. For example, Marlon Brando plays a rebellious boy in The Flying Car Party. Suddenly, zippers symbolize rude, impulsive culture and sexual openness. Until the 1970s, the Rolling Stones album Thieves created a distinctive image of jeans with practical front zippers.

Later, zipper manufacturing technology has been improving. With the use of nylon materials, zipper has also ushered in a cross-era development. Today, zipper is not only an indispensable item in our life, but also widely used in space suits, fire suits and other professional fields. The material has also changed from brass metal to lighter plastic or nylon. A hundred years later, the zipper is still low-key

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