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Premier supplier of producing equipment of metal zippers With more than 20 years engagement in R D design and manufacturing of metal zipper equipment including the forming dies teeth arranging machine polisher machine and grinder we strive for constant quality perfection in every detail of our zipper making process thereby ensuring the best quality of zippers we produce Professional technical team We have not only recruited technical experts to train and build a professional technical team for product but also invited specialists from industries of cases bags footwear and garment etc to serve as our technical advisers to ensure that the manufactured zippers can better satisfy market needs...

Categories and Products

Stainless Steel Zipper

Corn Type Teeth Zipper

No. 13 Corn Teeth Zip Chain Leather Zipper Stainless Steel High Strength Zipper for Luggage Low Zips Price Wholesale Zippers for Decoration 24/32/40 Inch Long Zippers Colorfast for Coat Metal Closed End 3 Inch Zippers for Clark Metal No. 13 Zip chain Zipper for Handbag Open end 4 Inch Leather Jacket Zipper Vavious Color Zip Tape 5 Inch Marine Zipper Metal No. 8 6 Inch Fashion Zipper Metal 8 Inch Stainless Steel Zipper for Jacket Stainless Steel 8# 9 Inch Zipper on Sale Stainless Steel #13 10 Inch Zipper for Bags Corn Teeth Separating Metal Zipper for Fashion Sports Wear Heavy Duty Corn Teeth Metal Zipper Top Class Corn Teeth Long Chain Metal Zipper Custom Corn Teeth Metal Zipper Roll Non-lock Slider Corn Teeth Metal No.10 Zipper Stainless Steel Corn Teeth No.8 Two Way Zipper Stainless Steel Leather Jacket Corn Teeth Metal Zipper Closed End Stainless Steel Metal Long Zipper 

Regtangle Type Teeth Zipper

High Quality as Ykk No. 3 Metal Zipper RIRI Quality Metal Stainless Steel Bag Zipper Replacement for Metal Leather 9 Inch Raccagni Zipper Closed End Metal Luggage Zipper Equivalent to Sbs No. 3 Stainless Steel Zipper as Sab No. 5 Metal Coat Zipper Online Shopping Buying Our No. 8 Metal Boots Zipper Online No.13 Metal One-Way Closed-End Shoes Zipper Stainless Steel Metal Luxury No Nickel Decorative Zipper Stainless Steel Zipper Teeth 5 Zip for Clothes Inexpensive Leather No. 8 Zipper for Luggage Experienced Zipper Factory No. 3 Metal Clothes Zipper No. 5 Metal Separating Zipper Experienced Zipper Company Ykk Stainless Steel 12 Inch Zipper for Handbags Riri Stainless Steel 14 Inch Zipper for Luggage Raccagni Zipper Replacement Stainless Steel 16 Inch Zipper Lampo Quality 18 Inch Zipper for Clothing Stainless Steel 3# 26 Inch Zipper for Clothes Stainless Steel 5# 28 Inch Zipper for Jacket Stainless Steel 8# 30 Inch Zipper for Marine 

Flat Teeth Zipper

Closed-End Stainless Steel 20 Inch Zipper for Boots One-way Stainless Steel 22 Inch Zipper for Shoes Open-End Stainless Steel 24 Inch Zipper for Coats Hot Sale Closed End Stainless Steel Metal Zipper No.3 Open end Stainless Steel Metal Fashion Zipper No.5 Separating Stainless Steel Metal Jacket Zipper No.8 Open End Stainless Steel Metal Leather zipper Blue Tape Autolock Stainless Steel No.3 Zipper Closed End Stainless Steel Metal No. 5 Zipper Non-lock Closed End Metal No. 8 Zipper Open End Stainless Steel Metal No. 10 Zipper Light Blue Tape Stainless Steel Metal Separating Zipper Closed End Stainless Steel Metal Zipper Beige Tape Stainless Steel Metal Separating Zipper for Clothing One-way Separating Stainless Steel Metal Zipper in Black Autolock Closed End Beige Tape Metal Zipper Open End Stainless Steel Metal Clothing Zipper Heavy Duty Metal Closed end Zipper for Bag Unique New Material Durable Metal Teeth Zipper Brown Tape Stainless Steel Teeth Zipper Metal 

Brass Zipper

Brass Corn Type Teeth Zipper

Brass #3 38 Inch Zipper for Leather Jacket Brass No. 5 40 Inch Zipper for Bag Brass No.8 38 Inch Zipper for Bag Brass No. 13 40 Inch Zipper for Bag Brass No. 3 Open End Zipper for Garments Brass No. 5 Closed End Zipper for Bags Brass No. 8 Open Ended Zipper for Clothing Brass #13 2 Way Metal Zipper for Bags Two way Jacket Metal Zipper No.3 Brass Ski Jacket Metal Zipper No.8 Black Separating Bottom Gun Metal Color Brass Teeth Metal Zipper Open End Non-lock Antique Brass Metal zipper No.5 Open End Shiny Gold Brass Metal Zipper Garments Closed End Shiny Gold Metal Zipper Clothing Separating Shiny Gold Brass Metal Zipper Brass Material Plating Gold Open-End Metal Zipper Open End Shiny Silver Corn Teeth Brass Zipper Brass Metal No.3 Corn Teeth Separating Zipper Shiny Gold Metal Corn Teeth Zipper Roll Rainbow Open End Brass Corn Teeth Zipper 

Brass Rectangle Type Teeth Zipper

Brass No. 3 Long Zipper for Bags Brass No. 5 Custom Zipper for Bags Brass No. 8 Zipper Yard for Bags Brass No. 13 2 way zipper for bags Brass No. 3 Black Zipper for Bags Brass No. 5 Gold Zipper for Bags Brass No. 8 Color Zipper for Bag Brass No. 13 White Zipper for Bag Shiny Gold Closed End Brass Teeth Metal Zipper Black Tape Open end Gold Teeth Metal Zipper Handbag Closed End Gold Teeth Brass Metal Zipper Hot selling High Strength Antique Brass Zipper Top Quality Non-lock Slider Antique Gold Zipper High Quality Autolock Slider Gold Teeth Brass Zipper Custom Two way Double slider Metal Zipper No.3 Metal Autolock Silver Color Separating Zipper Sky Blue Tape Separating Style Metal Coat Zipper Fashion Shiny Gold Separating Metal Brass Zipper High Quality Polished Brass Teeth Metal Zipper No.13 Metal Rose Gold Big Teeth Zipper 

Brass Flat Teeth Zipper

Brass No. 3 Red Zipper for Bag Brass No. 5 Yellow Zipper for Bag Brass No. 8 Blue Zipper for Bag Brass No. 13 Brown Zipper for Bag Brass No. 3 Green Zipper for Bag Brass No. 5 Purple Zipper for Bags Brass No. 8 Pink Zipper for Bag Brass No. 13 3 Zipper for Bags Brass No. 3 4 Zipper for Bag Brass No. 5 5 Zipper for Bags Brass No.8 7 Zipper for Bags Brass No. 13 8 Zipper for Bags High Quality as RIRI Brass Zipper for Bag Hot Sale Closed End Non-lock Leather Zipper Hot sale Brass No.5 Zipper for Bike Shirt No.8 Brass Y Teeth Zipper with Autolock Slider No. 13 Brass Metal Zipper for garments Jacket Yellow zipper in Brass No.5 two way Brass Material Plating Gold Teeth Metal Zipper Custom bottom type Shiny Gold Teeth Brass Zipper 

Stainless Steel Slider

Stainless Steel Non-lock Slider

10 Zipper #3 Stainless Steel Slider for Bags Zipper for Bag #5 Stainless Steel Slider Bag Zipper Metal #8 Stainless Steel Slider Jacket Gold Zipper with #3 Stainless Steel Slider Jacket Color Zipper #5 Stainless Steel Slider Jacket White Zipper with Stainless Steel Slider #8 Yellow Zipper #5 Stainless Steel Slider for Jackets Jackets Brown Zipper #3 Stainless Steel Slider Green Zipper #5 Stainless Steel Slider for Jackets Purple Zipper #8 Stainless Steel Slider for Jackets Stainless Steel Metal Slider for Leather Jacket Zipper No.5 Non-lock Metal Slider for Handbag Zipper Custom No.8 Stainless Steel Zipper Non-lock Slider Stainless Steel Metal Slider for Fashion Zipper Rose Gold Non-lock Metal Slider for Leather Zipper Non-lock Stainless Steel Slider for Luggage Zipper Original Color of Stainless Steel Metal No.3 Slider Original Color of Stainless Steel Non-lock No.5 Slider Original Color of Stainless Steel Non-lock No.8 Slider No Fading Heavy Duty Metal Slider 

Stainless Steel Light Autolock Slider

Handbag Zipper Chain No.3 Stainless Steel Slider Bag Zipper #5 Metal Stainless Steel Slider Black Zipper Stainless Steel Slider #8 Jacket Red Zipper No.3 Metal Stainless Steel Slider Jacket Blue Zipper #8 Stainless Steel Slider Pink Zipper #3 Stainless Steel Slider for Jackets 2 Way Zipper Stainless Steel Slider for Jackets Jacket Open-End Zipper #8 Stainless Steel Slider Ykk Quality Stainless Steel Metal Slider for Zipper Custom Logo Metal Autolock Slider for Zipper Chain Stainless Steel Autolock Slider for Metal Zipper Stainless Steel Autolock Metal Slider for Coat Zipper No.5 Stainless Steel Autolock Slider for Garment Zipper Custom No.8 Stainless Steel Autolock Zipper Slider Autolock Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Zipper Slider Stainless Steel Autolock Custom Slider for Clothing zipper Sports Wear Zipper High Strength Metal No.8 Slider Abrasion Resistant Metal Autolock Zip Slider Customized Logo Puller Zipper Metal Slider Rust-free Original Color of Metal No. 8 Zip Slider 

Alloy Slider

Alloy Non-lock Slider

3 Inch Zipper #3 Alloy Slider for Jackets 4 Inch Zipper #5 Alloy Slider for Jackets 5 Inch Zipper #8 Alloy Slider for Jackets 6 Inch Zipper Alloy Slider #13 for Jackets No. 3 Metal Brass Zipper Zinc Alloy Slider #5 Zinc Alloy custom slider High Quality Zinc Alloy Metal Black Slider As Lampo Zinc Alloy High Quality Slider Alloy Slider Metal #3 Same Quality as YKK As YKK Alloy Slider Metal #5 for zipper High quality #8 Zinc Alloy Slider as RIRI Brass Zipper Alloy Slider #13 Black Hot Sale Zinc Alloy Slider for Leather Zipper High Quality Non-lock Luggage Zipper Slider Alloy Non-lock Slider for Metal Brass Zipper Hot Selling Zinc Alloy Non-lock Jacket Zipper Slider No.8 Metal Zipper Non-lock Alloy Slider Wholesale Top Quality Alloy Non-lock No.3 Zipper Slider Custom Alloy Non-lock No.5 Zipper Slider Wholesale Alloy Non-lock Shoes No.8 Zipper Slider 

Brass Auto-lock Slider

7 Inch Zipper with Brass Slider #3 RIRI Brass Metal Slider for 8 Inch Zipper As Raccagni #8 Brass Metal Slider Supply SBS quality No. 13 Brass Metal Slider Brass Metal Lock Slider for 20 Inch Zipper Brass Metal Grade Slider as Ykk Zipper Slider high quality No.8 Brass Metal Black Slider No. 13 Brass Metal High Quality Slider Brass Lock Slider Metal #3 for Zipper Custom Slider Brass Metal #5 for Zipper #8 Brass Metal Slider for Bag Zipper Slider Metal #3 #5 #8 #13 for Zipper Metal Brass Blue Zipper Autolock Custom Slider Antique Brass Autolock Boots Zipper Slider Black Coating Brass Autolock Sports Wear Zipper Slider Fashion Autolock Custom Size No.13 Brass Slider Custom Brass Bag Zipper No.3 Slider Garment Zipper Autolock Metal No.5 Slider Custom Zipper Non-lock Brass No.8 Slider Gold Plating Brass No. 8 Zipper Slider 


Stainless Steel Puller

Metal Stainless Steel Puller for Leather High Quality Metal Zipper Puller for Bag Hot Selling Original Color Stainless Steel Metal Puller Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Metal Zipper Puller New Material Stainless Steel Jacket Zipper Metal Puller High Quality Metal Stainless Steel Slider Puller Original Stainless Steel Color Zipper Slider Puller Durable Reusable Stainless Steel Zip Metal pull High Strength Stainless Steel Zipper Slider Pull Metal Rust Proof Puller for Zipper Slider 

Brass Puller

High quality Metal Brass Puller for leather Low Price Metal Brass Zipper Puller for Bag Shiny Gold leather bag Zipper Metal Puller Wholesale Brass Handbag Zipper Puller Metal Gold Brass Fashion Zipper Puller High Quality Brass Custom zip Puller for Handbag Zip Puller Fashion Design Metal Slider Puller Fashionable Brass Plated Gold Zip Puller Wholesale Brass Zipper Parts Rose Gold Zipper Pulls Simple Design Brass Material Zip Slider Puller 

Zipper Top & bottom Stop

Stainless Steel Zipper Top & Bottom Stop

Ykk Quality Stainless Steel Zipper Stop for Jacket Stainless Steel Metal #5 Zipper Stop Durable reusable Stainless Steel Zipper Stop Heavy Duty Reusable Stainless Steel Zipper Top Stop Stainless Steel Material Zip Stopper for Bags Stainless Steel U Top Stopper for bag zipper Stainless Steel H Bottom Stopper for Closed-end Zipper H Shaped Stainless Steel Metal Bottom Stop Stainless steel U-shape Top Stop for bag Zipper High Strength Metal Zipper Stops for Leather products 

Brass Zipper Top & Bottom Stop

Ykk Quality Brass Zipper Stop for Jacket Brass No.5 Zipper Stop for metal zippers Garment Zipper Gold Plating Y-shape Brass Top Stop Metal Brass Zipper Top and Bottom Stop Fashion Zipper Antique Brass Metal Stop U-shape Brass Top Stop for Fashion Zipper Gold Plating Zinc Alloy U-shape Top Stop Brass Material H-shape Bottom Zipper Stop Zinc Alloy Metal Zipper stops for bag No.5 Metal Top Stop for Brass Zipper 

Zipper Machine

Y-Type High Speed Two Side Stamp Zipper Machine Y-type / H-type Wire Drawing Machine for Zipper Mould for Metal Zipper Production Machine parts Y-teeth metal zipper making machine Y-type/H-type Wire Production Line Rolling Machine High Quality Metal Zipper Machine Mould Auto Metal Zipper Y-Teeth Making Machine Zipper Making Machine for Y-type/H-type Wire Drawing High Quality Metal Zipper Mould for Zipper Machine Automatic Zipper Machine for Metal Y-teeth Zipper Machine for Y Type wire drawing Automatic Y Teeth zipper macking machine High Speed Automatic Y-teeth Zipper machine Y Type Wire Making Machine for Metal Zipper H-Type Zipper Stop Wire Making Machine Metal Zipper machine parts mould tooling for Zipper Hot salse Mould for Metal Teeth Zipper Machine Automatic Metal Zipper Machine for Y-teeth Computerized Wire Making Machine for Y-type Wire Computerized H-Type Wire Making Machine for Zipper 

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